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UVD Robots UV-C full size-3

UV-C light

UV-C light can limit the risk of transmission of microorganisms. The UVD Robot is a UV-C disinfection solution for cleaning teams to bring disinfection protocols to a higher level in the environment.

UVD Robots base-3


The germicidal characteristics of UV-C light at close range are well known. However, the laws of physics create obstacles that challenge the feasibility of using UV-C light as a disinfectant in larger areas due to shadows and distances. The unavoidable challenges of using UV-C disinfection governed by the laws of physics create the necessity of repositioning a manual UV-C device multiple times. Only with the autonomous UVD Robot can you be sure to have irradiated sufficient UV-C amounts onto surfaces in an area.

UVD Robots cameras and sensors

Cameras and sensors

The UVD Robot comes with laser scanners and 3D cameras that recognize obstacles on its way. By using the cameras the operator can navigate via the tablet.

UVD robots front-4


The sensors on the robot will detect if someone enters a room during a disinfection, and immediately stop the disinfection. The safety system will be triggered if the robot is placed too close to a wall, person, or other object above 15 cm/6".