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Cleaning & Disinfection: Understanding the Importance of Both

Cleaning in Indoor Facilities


Traditional indoor cleaning methods often involve manual techniques, such as physically removing and wiping surfaces with soap and water or mopping to maintain cleanliness in indoor facilities.

Disinfection in Indoor Facilities

Cleaning addresses visible and invisible soil, disinfection targets invisible microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses and fungi. Unlike

cleaning, which focuses on physical removal, disinfection primarily aims to reduce microorganisms that could potentially be harmful in the environment. Disinfection is most effective when preceded by thorough cleaning. 
There are various types of disinfection methods like chemical disinfection or disinfection with UV light.


Disinfection with UV-C light in Indoor Facilities 

UV-C light disinfection employs ultraviolet radiation to eliminate selected microorganisms in the environment. UV-C light works by disrupting the DNA in microorganisms, rendering them unable to replicate. UV-C disinfection devices offer a less manual and faster disinfection process in indoor facilities

The importance of both Cleaning and Disinfection

Cleaning and disinfection are two distinct processes, both crucial for maintaining a

Cleaning vs disinfecting01

clean environment in indoor facilities. Cleaning refers to the removal of mostly visible dirt, and even some germs from surfaces, often using soap, water and detergent. Cleaning primarily aims to reduce the number of microorganisms present in the environment.1
On the other hand, disinfection involves either the use of chemicals, heat or UV-C light to eliminate selected microorganisms in the environment. These microorganisms are often invisible to the eye, making them very difficult or nearly impossible to remove with manual cleaning alone. This is why disinfection, especially with UV-C light, comes in handy.

It is essential to understand that cleaning alone does not guarantee a 100% pathogen-free environment, and that disinfection alone does not mean a 100% clean environment. While cleaning removes visible dirt, disinfection targets harmful microorganisms. These processes complement each other, and understanding their unique roles is essential for maintaining a sanitary environment. 





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