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Intensive Care Units


According to CDC, intensive care patients are some of the most susceptible patients to infection risks. Their susceptibility is attributed to their medical conditions, as well as their likelihood of being immunocompromised.

Infection prevention is highly important to patient care. This is why UVD Robots are designed to help intensive care units reach even higher levels of environmental disinfection.



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Why choose UVD Robots:

15 min to a patient room


77% reduction_


3 minutes_


15 min to a patient room


77% reduction_


3 minutes_



Fast and easy disinfection of the ICU

To minimize patients’ exposure to bacteria, viruses, and other microbes, it is imperative to adequately disinfect surfaces and other areas in intensive care units.

UVD Robots operate autonomously. This can help an intensive care unit staff elevate their hygiene protocols, as well as disinfect high-and low-touch surfaces. Autonomous operations also ensure surfaces receive just the right amount of UV-C dose. This can prevent surfaces from experiencing prolonged UV-C exposure and protect them from potential degradation.


A highly efficient solution 

When it comes to environmental cleaning procedures, our autonomous UV-C disinfection robots are a highly efficient solution. UV-C light allows ICUs to reach even higher levels of disinfection over shorter periods of time. This efficiency helps minimize an ICU patients' exposure to bacteria, viruses, and other microbes.

In fact, UVD Robots can perform enhanced levels of environmental disinfection without adding more hours to a cleaning schedule. Even strict cleaning procedures can be performed in a minimal amount of time - an entire patient room, for example, can be disinfected in just 15 minutes.

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The UVD Robot

The UVD Robot operates on a fully autonomous mobile platform. It emits concentrated UV-C light onto high-, medium- and low-touch surfaces, complementing normal cleaning routines. The UVD Robot can offer a hospital cleaning staff a safe, reliable, and user-friendly approach to environmental disinfection.

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