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Patient Rooms


Patient rooms are supposed to be safe places where patients can be treated and recover from illnesses and other health conditions. But this is not always the case. As long as MRSA lurks on hospital bed clipboards and Pseudomonas bacteria multiplies on nearby sink faucets, patients are at a high risk of getting other infections.

Even though hospitals have implemented strict cleaning procedures to try to combat these threats, manual cleanings alone do not always do the trick. To enhance the environmental cleaning of a patient room, you must ensure a properly-executed and thorough disinfection.

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Why choose UVD Robots:

15 min to a patient room


99.99% elminitaion of bioburden in patient roosm


6.4 log


15 min to a patient room


99.99% elminitaion of bioburden in patient roosm


6.4 log



It may look clean. But is it disinfected?

A patient room might look clean. But if it isn’t properly disinfected, there are no guarantees that microbes are not lurking in the room’s corners or surfaces.

The UVD Robot operates autonomously, assuring sufficient irradiation of UV-C light on all surfaces. A fast, efficient, and chemical-free solution guaranteeing a higher level of disinfection.


The effectiveness of UV-C radiation

Studies show that UV-C radiation is effective in decreasing the risk of transmitting multidrug-resistant organisms. This could reduce disease morbidity and mortality in hospitalized patients.

On a practical level, applying UV-C light to patient rooms and operating theaters will reduce the risk of multidrug-resistant organism transmission and limit the risk of their  acquisition among patients.

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Fully autonomous UV-C robots

UVD Robots are fully autonomous, automated room disinfection (ARD) robots specifically designed for environmental disinfection and terminal disinfection purposes. UVD Robots use ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) to break the chain of infection, specifically deactivating pathogens in environmental reservoirs.

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