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UVD Robots Joins Ecolab

Robots joins Ecolab as demand for UV-C light solutions is projected to grow to $18.94 billion by 2030, amounting to an average annual growth rate of 59.7% from 2021 to 2030.

Autonomous UV-C disinfection robots have emerged as an enhanced addition to standard cleaning and disinfection practices which address heightened hygiene requirements. The UVD Robot is a mobile, fully autonomous robot that uses UV-C light to increase disinfection levels.


Ecolab has expanded its global portfolio - and it includes UVD Robots

As a global leader in disinfection solutions and services, Ecolab is driven to help improve disinfection standards and ensure facility hygiene through a programmatic approach. Ecolab has expanded its global portfolio to include UVD Robots in its customer offerings.

Per Juul Nielsen, CEO at UVD Robots, sees the new collaboration with Ecolab as a tremendous validation of UVD Robots’ autonomous solutions. “We are thrilled that this collaboration is now expanded to benefit facilities on a wider global scale,” he says, adding that, as an example, UVD Robots’ state-of-the-art germicidal UV-C disinfection technology can disinfect large areas in about eight to fifteen minutes.

UV-C light disinfection is not a new concept. However, existing UV solutions involving ceiling lights and air purifiers may not reach shadowed or remote areas as well as UVD Robots' autonomous mobile platform. Claus Risager, Chairman of the Board of UVD Robots and CSO at Blue Ocean Robotics, says Ecolab will further cement its industry lead by integrating fully autonomous UVD Robots into the cleaning processes of all its customers.

“The UVD Robot solves the challenges of repositioning and minimizes shadowing which has previously hindered the comprehensive application of UV-C, while providing 24/7 access to real-time compliance and efficacy reports of the disinfection procedures,” Risager says, adding that the UVD Robots are one-of-a-kind and truly unique UV-C disinfection robots when it comes to safety and ease-of-use. The UVD Robots' workflow integration and autonomy features, Risager notes, complement the intelligence of the system and enable operators to fully control quality and performance during the disinfection process.

The autonomous nature of the robots also reduces process time and frees up personnel from having to physically move the system around between new positions. In addition to this, the constantly-moving, autonomous nature of UVD Robots reduces the possibility of environmental UV-C overdoses. UV-C overdoses can lead to yellowing and cracking surrounding materials, and this can also pose an additional infection risk.


About UVD Robots

UVD Robots provide efficient and automated disinfection solutions for a wide array of customers. The UVD Robot is the most widespread autonomous UV disinfection robot system in the world, with over 75% of the global market share.


About Blue Ocean Robotics

Blue Ocean Robotics develops, produces, and sells autonomous mobile robots for the professional service industry. Its robot portfolio includes UVD Robots, GoBe Robots (a telepresence robot for reducing travel time, costs and CO2 emissions), and PTR Robots, a safe patient transfer and rehabilitation robot for improving caregiver service and the patient healthcare experience.


About Ecolab

Ecolab is a global leader of water and hygiene solutions and services, protecting people and vital resources.



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