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UVD Robots Deploys Robot #200 in its contribution to The European Commissions' donation program to European hospitals

This week, UVD Robots deployed its 200th robot as part of the European Commission’s Emergency Support Instruments donations program to Consorci Corporació Sanitari Parc Taulí Hospital in Barcelona, Spain.


UVD Robots and its parent company Blue Ocean Robotics were selected by the European Commission to supply robots as donations to European Union hospitals. UVD Robots manufactures autonomous disinfection robots equipped with UV-C light.

The EU Commision has already donated autonomous disinfection robots to hospitals in 26 EU countries. With the Consorci Corporació Sanitari Parc Taulí Hospital installation, Spain has received 24 UVD Robots from the EU's donation plan. These hospitals are applying UVD Robots to help reach higher levels of disinfection in their environments.

“With EU funds, the European Commission is buying 200 disinfection robots, which will be delivered to hospitals across Europe to help disinfect patient rooms. We do all we can to support hospitals and patients in these difficult times. And more will follow.” said President of the European Commission Ursula Von Der Leyen.

UVD Robots provide fully automated disinfection solutions with safe, predictable, and cost-effective outcomes to hospitals and many other industries. UVD Robots have already been implemented by facilities in over 70 countries worldwide - and are currently enabling hospitals to destroy microorganisms at high rates. UVD Robots' disinfection process, which reduces pathogens by over 99.99% in patient rooms, takes approximately 10-12 minutes. Contrary to stationary disinfection systems, the UVD Robot is a mobile, fully autonomous robot that integrates UV-C light in its disinfection process.

“Earlier this year we reached the installation of 100 UVD Robots in hospitals across Europe on behalf of the European Commission, and now, we have reached installation of 200 robots - which means a great deal to us,” said Per Juul Nielsen, CEO of UVD Robots. “By reaching the target of 200 robots we are now looking forward to exceeding this number and providing even stronger disinfection measures to EU hospitals.”

Dr. Claus Risager, CSO of Blue Ocean Robotics and Chairman of UVD Robots, states that "This means a great deal to us, because we are focusing on helping strengthen disinfection measures against microorganisms overall in operating theatres, intensive care units, cancer departments and similar areas in hospitals."

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